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Septem dies / Seven Days with Music at Prague University

Septem dies / Hudba na pražské univerzitě 1360-1460

SUPRAPHON, SU 4282-2, 6/2021
Total time: 63:34
Schola Gregoriana Pragensis: Hasan El-Dunia, Ondřej Holub, Jan Kukal, Tomáš Lajtkep, Ondřej Maňour, Michal Medek, Stanislav Předota
Artistic director: David Eben
Corina Marti - Clavisimbalum

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Carolus IV. - Rex et Imperator

SGP - obrázek nahrávky

Music in the era of Charles IV.
Supraphon, ArteVisio, SU 4193-2, 12/2015
Total time: 69:13
Schola Gregoriana Pragensis, David Eben - art director, Hana Blažíková – soprano, gothic harp, Jakub Kydlíček – recorders

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Blízké hlasy z dáli

SGP - Blízké hlasy zdáli

Unique cooperation between the Schola Gregoriana Pragensis and Japanese buddhist monk's ensemble Gyosan-ryu Tendai Shomyo, brings a dialog of two different spiritual cultures based on repertoire of buddhist and christian tradition. 
Released: 06/2007. Total time: 68:31. DDD.
1 CD Sony 82876873042 (Sony BMG)


Maiestas Dei

SGP - Maiestas Dei

Medieval Polyphony in the Work of Petrus Wilhelmi de Grudencz
Supraphon, SU 3807-2, © 2005
Total time 71:25
Complete texts and commentary in Czech, English, French and German.
Choc du Monde de la Musique (September 2005)

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Ach, homo fragilis

SGP - Ach, homo fragilis

Sacred lyricism in the late medieval Bohemia. Guest - Petra Noskaiova, mezzo-soprano.
Supraphon, SU 3623-2231 © 2002
Total time 70:55

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Adoratio — Devotion of the Cross

SGP - Adoratio Crucis

The theme of the Cross in the repertoire of the Holy Week, part of the divine office of the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Together with Czech Boys’ Choir Boni Pueri.
Supraphon, SU 3448-2231 © 2000
Total time 68:49 

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Codex Franus

SGP - Codex Franus

The repertory of Czech Utraquists according to a significant source from the beginning of the 16th century
Supraphon, SU 3407-2231 © 1999
Total time 67:20

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Antica e moderna

SGP - Antica e moderna

Gregorian chant for the liturgy of the Consecration of the Temple and Suita liturgica for one voice choir and the organ by Petr Eben. Together with Petr Eben (organ).
Supraphon, SU 3373-2231 © 1998
Total time 64:07

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Liturgical Year

SGP - Liturgical Year

The view over the musical variety and riches of Gregorian chant within the framework of each liturgical season. 
Supraphon, SU 3271-2231 © 1997
Total time 75:25

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Anno Domini 997 - Millenium of Devotion to Saint Adalbert

SGP - Anno Domini 997

Medieval repertoire of devotion to this saint according of the earliest records from various places of Europe, framed with two polyphonic compositions by Petr Eben musicalizing the text of Saint Adalbert’s legend. 
Supraphon, SU 3288-2231 [CD], SU 3288-4231 [MC] © 1997
Total time 55:44

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In Pragensi Ecclesia - Christmas at Prague’s Cathedral Under the Reign of Charles IV

SGP - In Pragensi Ecclesia

Reconstruction of a part of the Christmas liturgy according to the 14th century sources from the Prague Chapter. Includes polyphonic readings from the matins, tropes, etc.
Supraphon, SU 3191-2231, © 1996
Total time 66:57
Choc du Monde de la Musique (červenec 1997)  

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Rosa mystica - Devotion to the Virgin Mary in Medieval Bohemia

SGP - Rosa mystica - Devotion to the Virgin Mary in Medieval Bohemia

The so-called “old corpus” of Gregorian chant of the Carolingian period contrasted to the repertory of Bohemian chants of the late Middle Ages devoted to the Virgin Mary.
Supraphon, SU 0194-2231, © 1995
Total time 55:46
Complete texts and commentary in Czech, English and French

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Czech Saints in Holy Jerusalem

SGP - Bohemorum sancti - Czech Saints in Holy Jerusalem

Offices of local Saints (Saint Adalbert, Saint Procopius, Saint Ludmila and Saint Wenceslas) from the original Bohemian plainchant tradition.
Supraphon, SU 0003-2231 [CD], SU 0003-4231 [MC] © 1994
Total time 60:02

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Toussaint - Requiem

SGP - Toussaint - Requiem

Mass and office of the Feast of All Saints, liturgy for the departed – together with the Choer Gregorien de Paris
Jade, 74321 30294-2 © 1993
Total time 61:59